Xochil, pronounced So-Chee, has been working within the salon & spa industry since 1993 when she first started out as a salon receptionist.  She gained interest in being a part of the spa world and in 1999 attended the Brenneke School of Massage, formerly located in lower Queen Anne.  After graduating in 2001 she immediately began practicing and worked in all different aspects of massage, including a health center, chiropractic office and spa.  Over the years she became skilled at combining therapeutic and relaxation massage, and customizing between both to fit each clients specific  needs.  She continues to learn new tools in advanced education, and is very inspired by the power of massage therapy.

In 1995 she decided to add to her spa skill set and learn the art of hand & foot care.  She attended the Gene Juarez academy and entered their former Hand & Foot Therapy program. She received extensive and intensive training in the many aspects of hand, foot & nail health.  Motivated by what she had learned she decided to add “Natural Nail Artist” to her growing list of trades.  Proper & hygienic hand and foot care are of number one importance to her, only second to her insistence on using high end products for her clients. With additional skills as a LMP you can bet her foot massage is top notch!

The perfect spa trifecta was complete when she decided to persue her esthetic license at Gary Manuel Aveda Institute in 2011.  She chose an Ayervedic school because of its holistic and non-invasive mantra of skincare.  With all the toxins and stress of the world around us she believes in gentle nourishment of the skin, and furthermore of the body.  After all, our skin only reflects the inner workings of our mind and body.  The prestigious Gary Manuel Aveda Institute provided extensive training in skin care & in waxing.  She enjoys both aspects of esthetics, and specifically LOVES waxing the perfect brow!

“Through my many years in this industry I have become highly skilled in my profession & am very encouraged and energized by all my fabulous clients. I look forward to meeting you!” -Xochil